B88-Reference: Doppel-Achtzoll-Subwoofer mit integrierter Aktivelektronik und DSP

The new, super-compact B88-REFERENCE monosubwoofer has been developed as a bass extension for the Reference series, all KSD monitors and monitors from other manufacturers. The integrated digital signal processing in combination with the two power amplifiers extends existing monitoring systems by the lowest octave. Two 250W PWM amplifiers operate DSP-controlled on two high-performance eight-inch chassis. Two XLR high-pass outputs allow connection of the satellite monitors with the appropriate signal above 80Hz. This results in a controlled and powerful reproduction of the deep bass - without any rumbling or pumping - with a stress-free, detailed reproduction of the bass-free satellite speakers. The digital signal processor linearizes the frequency response, internal filters allow fine tuning to the room and the application area. The delay, which can be set directly on the knob, compensates for any spatial offset between the B88-REFERENCE and the satellites. The special high-performance drivers in the flow-optimized steel housing produce an extremely controlled,' dry' bass signal for full sub-end control without the usual ventilation noise.

Whether as a monosub-bass extension or as a third way for existing stereo speakers, the B88-REFERENCE extends the frequency response down and improves the playback performance of the entire setup.

The B88-REFERENCE can also be used for transmitting the LFE channel in 5.1 or other multi-channel setups. Like all Ksdigital loudspeakers, the B88-REFERENCE can be adapted to the listening situation with the optional KSD remote in gain, phase/delay and 6 parametric EQs.

Available with Cherry and Black Satin Front


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The acoustic advantages of the B88-REFERENCE

. universally applicable with high-pass outputs for active satellite speakers

. subwoofer in flow-optimized steel cabinet

. DSP (digital signal processor) for accurate crossover and equalization

. high SPL in lowest octave (from 28 Hz)

. satellite outputs with appropriately weighted signal

. adjustable delay and level on the subwoofer

. volume and filter adjustable via KSD-RC


Konstruktion Subwoofer, DSP kontrolliert
Signalprocessing (DSP)
mit 24 Bit ADC - DAC
(+4 dBV)
FIRTEC™ equalization,
limiter, 6 User-EQ, patent: 19823110
Basschassis 1

Basschassis 2
8“ Hochleistungswoofer

8“ Hochleistungswoofer
Endstufen 2 x > 250W
Frequenzgang 28 - 80 Hz
Gewicht 28kg
Abmessungen 480 x 240 x 310 mm
Remote Control
KSD-RC kontrolliert
6 User-EQs, Volume, Delay etc.