Monitor Controller

Montreux Monitor Controller
Montreux Monitorcontroller
Montreux Monitorcontroller
Montreux Monitorcontroller
Montreux Monitorcontroller
Montreux Monitorcontroller

Montreux universal monitor controller

The MONTREUX is a highly efficient tool to control the volume and route the audio signal.

Irrespective of whether the source is analogue or digital, or if the monitors are connected via a digital or analogue connection, the KSdigital Montreux permits any professional connection format. Physically, the sources and speakers are connected to the 19” controller unit via an XLR-connection. Then the analogue or digital domain per channel is chosen on the front of the unit. The analogue input has an overload margin of up to 10 dBV. If the domain switch is set to “digital”, then the left XLR socket has to be connected to the digital signal. The permitted signal sample rate lies in the range from 32 KHz to 192 KHz. A word width of 16 Bit to 24 Bit can be processed. The internal SRC’s reclock the signal being processed using an internal reference clock on a HD sample frequency of 96 KHz. The digital output signal then works at 96 KHz in the same way as the internal DA converter. In this way, a high definition, high performance reproduction is guaranteed. A connection to headphones in the mixing process only makes sense if they can be switched simply and are at the same level as the monitors. A volume jump to the monitor immediately distorts the acoustic pattern and with it the possibility of a comparison. During development of the Montreux we paid close attention to the sound quality and output performance of the headphone amplifier so that it can be seriously integrated into the production process. Pressing the HEAD button will simultaneously mute all other outputs. Adjusting the volume of the monitors is done with the help of the Offset-Gain adjustment which is available on all channels. The technical data of the high-end headphone amplifiers correspond to the controller’s data in S/N and THD.

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construction fullmetal
Performance DA 118dB S/N
AD 110dB S/N
DA > -103 dB THD+N
AD > -100 dB THD+N
headphone amp. 8 Ohm => 1.57W
20 Ohm => 1.42W
100 Ohm => 0.5W
200 Ohm => 0.3W
600 Ohm => 100mW
bassmanagement 12dB/Oct (bes)
Signal processing 24 Bit/ 192 KHz
analog IN-Out XLR symmetric
digital IN-Out XLR symmetric
INs 1..3 INs + SUB switchable between analog or digital
OUTs 1..3 Outs + Headphone
switchable between analog or digital
dimensions Montreux Desktop unit: 27 x 20 x 5 cm
19"-1HE unit