KSD-RC Remote Controller

KSD-RC Remote Unit

The KSD-RC is a hardware remote controller for controlling the various digitally equalized KSdigital loudspeakers.

1. use as adaptation of the installation:

With the KSD-RC, the individual parameters such as filters, delay etc. can be conveniently adapted to the acoustic ambience and your own listening habits from the listening position.

2. use as monitor controller:

With the volume control knob, the listening level of all connected speakers can be easily adjusted to dB-accurate, the MUTE and DIM buttons in direct access are practical tools for everyday studio use. This allows direct connection of the speakers to the workstation or other sources without volume control. On the A-Line and Linemaster models, the M/S function can be used with digital input.


Volume Control: 0... -75dB
Gain: -31dB... 0dB
EQ1... 6-Freq: selects filter operating frequency
EQ1... 6-Gain: -12dB... 126dB
EQ1... 6-Q: 0.1... 20.0
Lowshelving: -6dB.... +6dB
Higshelving: -6dB.... +6dB
Delay: 0.0... 3.1m

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construction Monitor-Controller/Remote Control
Volume 0... 75dB
(MID SIDE only ADM20 and higher)
Connect RJ-45
remotable via IR Remote Control
dimensions 18,0 x 14,0 x 6,0 cm
weigth 600 gr