3-way FIRTEC coaxial studio monitor

The new D-Line coaxial monitors. For the last 10 years KSdigital has produced its successful series of coaxial monitors, the C-Line. Thousands of loudspeakers are now in use worldwide. Whether in radio or TV broadcasting studios, professional sound studios, theatrical productions or with an ambitioned beginner, everywhere our coaxial monitors distinguish themselves with extreme control and a natural sound, free from embellishments. At the same time, KSdigital is the first company worldwide that introduced FIRTEC equalization in its studio monitors and established the advantages of an individual equalization of the chassis with a linear phase. Therefore the continued development of the coax series, in connection with our patented FIRTEC technology, is the logical consequence of our work over the last years. With our D-Line coaxial models we are establishing impulse fidelity and a correctly phased "live" reproduction via digital equalization. The new design of the high performance coaxial chassis encompasses a perfectly aligned point sound source both horizontally and vertically, and thereby attains a phenomenal spatiality and presence, even in acoustically poor environments. The use of carbon as the membrane material in the low-mid-chassis (D80, D808) and a high performance compression driver in the center as a tweeter has resulted in an extremely clean and exact musical reproduction with a high level of impulse accuracy. Musically the crossover frequency has been chosen between the fundamental tone and the higher tones; out of range for standard tweeters. The different designs facilitate their use from near field and mid field, up to the application as a main monitor. For us, "Made in Germany" means complete control over development, manufacture and best possible support for our customers’ applications.

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The first main monitor also suitable for near field applications with a highly impressive presence through to reproductions at greater distances, the D808-Coax can fully exploit its immense membrane area together with its enormous volume to the maximum everywhere.
Only a few monitors offer a similar membrane area for such a relaxed bass in connection with a high performance high tone for an extremely audible distortion free, high frequency range. All this in connection with the linear phase FIRTEC technology is only on offer in
the D808-Coax.

Acoustic Advantages of the Coaxial Systems of the D-Line

- No misalignment in the timing between the acoustic centers of the individual chassis.
- No run-time differences between the chassis in the crossover range of the individual paths.
- The directional radiation of the high tone horn prevents unwanted reflections in the listening area.

construction coaxial, digital
coaxial chassis 8''/1'' coaxial
bass chassis 8'' carbon cone
process FIRTEC™ -equalization 5 user filter
AD / DA converter 24 Bit/ 192 KHz
analog IN XLR symmetric
amplifier 280 W-Peak /150 W RMS each way
frequency range 35 - 22000 Hz (+/3 dB)
dimensions 58,0 x 28,0 x 28,5 cm
weigth 16,5 kg
remotable yes