2-Way selfpowered -Coaxial-Monitorsystem with phaselinear FIRTEC technology



KSdigital manufactures each of its loudspeakers by hand in its factory Saarbrücken/Germany. Each loudspeaker is measured individually (IFM) and linearized in frequency and phase. This ensures the unrivalled correct reproduction of the music signal.

For over 10 years, the C-Line has been the compact listening reference in many studios around the world.  One of the main reasons for this is the coaxial principle that delivers exact information to the sound engineer even if the room’s acoustics are not ideal. A coaxial chassis avoids different run-times between bass and high-ranges.  Firstly, this means that one can sit at any distance from the sound source, and secondly, much more direct sound arrives at the listening position than is reflected from the room, which is the ideal solution for smaller listening spaces, transmission vans or in the near field at a DAW workstation.  Additionally, the KSD Reference series has now been fitted with patented Firtec/DSP that not only guarantees neutral tonality but also correctly timed reproduction.  This phase linearity permits the exact positioning of individual instruments in the virtual stereo sound stage, with each instrument precisely positioned.  Six user filters serve to adjust the set-up in one’s own studio.  An optional remote control ("KSD-RC") allows not only the access to the user EQ’s and other parameters like "delay" etc. but also allows simple adjustment of the volume and replaces an external monitor controller (with its signal editing and sound losses). Available with a cherry wood front or in complete black.

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The newly designed steel cabinet offers a maximum in internal volume with compact external dimensions and optimal stability. The sound image remains calm and balanced. The special rear-directed form of the bass reflex port prevents audible air turbulence.  The completely newly developed 6" coaxial chassis offers best sound performance and tonal neutrality with virtually no harmonic distortion. The supplied table stand decouples the C5 Reference from its installation area and permits an exact directional setup of the work station.



construction 2-way-coax, nearfild
signalprocessing in FPGA
with 24 Bit ADC - DAC
(+ 4 dBV)
FIRTEC™ equalization, FIR-crossover,
limiter, 6 user-EQ, patent: 19823110
tweeter 1“ neodym
bass/mid driver 6“ kevlar
amplifier 80 W / 175 W
SPL (max) 115 dB peak/pair
frequency range 48 - 22000 Hz
weight 8kg
incl. packaging 10 Kg
dimensions 200 x 245 x 220 mm
accessory table and wall mount invlusiv
Remote Control
KSD-RC operates
6 user-EQs, volume, delay etc.