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C5 Tiny-Amp
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C5 Tiny-Mount

Discontinued: C5 Tiny

Two-Way Coaxial Studio Monitor

In development of the C family, we consistently observed temporally correct transmission of the audio signals. If an impulse is presented correctly over time, this corresponds to a linear frequency and phase response. The high impulse features of the chassis used, designed according to the prerequisites of KSdigital, the speed of the end-stage technology and the active filters combined lead almost ideally to the target of absolute sound neutrality.

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The smallest studio monitor in our program so far, the C5 Coax has been optimized for use in a genuine primary field. As a point sound source without axial offset in either horizontal or vertical planes, the system reaches an optimal impulse and therefore frequency and phase characteristics in the listening area. Utilizing high quality materials, the speaker reaches an extraordinarily exact music and vocal reproduction for its size. Whether as a high-end primary field monitor for the audio or video editing studio or as a bridge monitor in a mixer console – the C5 Coax is the tool of choice. Quickly installed, easily transportable and extremely exact even in difficult acoustic situations, it is a reliable and neutral primary field monitor with adequate performance reserves.

Construction 2-way Coax
Concept Nearfield, active
Tweeter 1,45“ Neodym
Bass / Midrange 6“ Carbon
Amplifier 70 W / 170 W
SPL (max) 104 dB
Frequency range 58 - 28000 Hz
Weight 8,4 kg
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 23 cm