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KSD B210: double-10" stereo/mono/cardioid-subwoofer

The KSD-B210 is an active, DSP driven, 10” double subwoofer with a total of 500W amplifier power. Two completely independent amplifier paths each drive a 10” high performance chassis in an individual bass chamber. This construction in connection with the DSP supported driver enables various operating modes.

1. Stereo subwoofer: In this mode, both chassis build the third path to the connected satellite loudspeakers. The base width of 80 cm permits stereo operation in the near field and extends the operation of the monitor such as the KSDC5 or KSD-C8 to the lowest octave from 25 Hz and upwards. The crossover is realized with a minimal phase in the DSP and supplies the satellites with a perfectly timed signal above 80 Hz.

2. Mono Subwoofer: In this mode both chassis operate parallel to each other. Their signal is calculated from both stereo inputs in the DSP. The satellites receive the appropriate stereo signal above the cut-off frequency. This operating mode supports any monitor in the lower octaves. Since the KSD-B210 can be positioned completely independently from the monitors in the room (delay is adjustable in the DSP), an improved bass coupling can thus be achieved in the listening room.

3. CSA-Cardioid subwoofer array: In this mode the KSD-B210 can be positioned so that one 10” chassis can be directed at the listening position and the second chassis in exactly the opposite direction. With phase rotation and appropriate delay (in DSP), the sound emitted backwards from both chassis is subtracted and the sound emitted toward the sound engineer is added. This avoids reflections on the rear wall and leads to a clear reduction of disruptive modes in the listening position. The backward damping is already considerable with 12 dB - 18 dB. To achieve a similar damping of the rear area by bass absorber would require the use of many absorbers, a lot of space and a high budget.

4. Dipole-joint emission: In this mode, both chassis are running in mono-subwoofer mode but anti-parallel. The KSD-B210 creates a dipole emitter with quick sound conversion. This can be very advantageous in more difficult geometric rooms and perfectly matches the satellite loudspeakers that represent dipoles themselves, for example electrostatic speakers. A dipole configuration can be wise even in combination with more ordinary monitors when the bass has to be coupled with maximum particle velocity (maximum particle velocity forms exactly in the middle between two side walls).


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Input 2 x XLR-symtr., remote control In (param. EQs by CAT5)
Signal Processing DSP-controlled signal proicessing minimalphasige filters, lmiter
Modi: Basslevel,
Delaypoti: 0 m bis 3.3 m
Power 2 x 250 W PWM
Frequency Range 25Hz - 80Hz
Phase Switchable
Chassis 2 pcs. 10" woofer
Dimension 33 x 33 x 85 cm
32 kg