3 way active digital processed mainmonitor



KSdigital manufactures each of its loudspeakers by hand in its factory Saarbrücken/Germany. Each loudspeaker is measured individually (IFM) and linearized in frequency and phase. This ensures the unrivalled correct reproduction of the music signal.


With the introduction of the first FIRTEC controlled monitor KSdigital changed the kind of building professional monitors. The traditional way is the linearisation of the ampitude response. With the FIRTEC(TM) digital signal processing our attention is to reproduce a correct impuls response. This FIR-equalisation means a flat ampitude response and a flat phase response, which means a correct signal with all details in tone and time and stereo image. The products of the A-Line are the state of the art monitors for all applications: the bridge monitor in nearfiled application as well as the In-wall-solution for the big control room.

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The ADM15 is a 3 way active digital processed mainmonitor for high performance applications.By their dimension the ADM15 is an ideal replacement for Genelec 1038 or similar wall-mountedmonitors. It can be utilized as the sole reference monitor in professional recording, broadcastor mastering studios. The signal processing like crossover, equalisation, time alignment a.s.o iscompletely in the digital domain. The linking to the recording environment happens directly to thedigital signal source or by our stacked Sigma-Delta-Technology with a 27 bit and 64 oversamplingconverter with dynamic range of 130dB. An internal processing with 32 bit floating point ensures aninternal dynamic range of 1500 dB. An additional KSdigital Patent (Pat Nr. 198 23 110) for signalslower than 24 bits processes these signal on a higher level for the internal signal processing. So theuser has a fully analog workflow without any digital limitations. Five EQ’s for a quick manual adap-tation, as well as the possibility to calibrate the FIR filters for the listening area to build a individualsetup for your control room. This can be done either on the loudspeaker itself or cableconnectedwith the Ksdigital Remote Control RC-100 or by our webserver-based software called FIRControl.The MOSFET powerstages, with hand-selected audio-transistors, transport the sound with a slowrate of 80 V/µs and 150W for highrange, 200W for the midrange and 500W for the 15“ bass driver.

AD / DA converter 27 bit sigma delta, 64 x oversampling
digital IN, OUT AES3 format, 32 - 96 (110) KHz, 192 KHz
analog IN, OUT XLR-symmetric, active bypass connector
DSP 60 MHz 32 bit floatingpoint, 1500 dB dynamic
process FIRTEC™ equalization, FIR-crossover, limiter, 2 FIR presets, 5 user filter
patent: 19823110
room equalization 5 peakfilter and FIRTEC™ system-equalization
chassis 1'' radiator, 3'' midrange dome driver, 15" high performance bass unit
amplifier 100 W / 200 W / 400 W MOSFET technology
SPL 125 dB peak
remote control gain control and input switch (optional)
frequency range 25 - 22000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
special X.1 setup with common gain control
dimensions 81 x 48 x 42 cm, 28 kg