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KSdigital manufactures each of its loudspeakers by hand in its factory Saarbrücken/Germany. Each loudspeaker is measured individually (IFM) and linearized in frequency and phase. This ensures the unrivalled correct reproduction of the music signal.



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Professional Audio Awrad  FuE Award 20/21


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Ksdigital has been developing and producing studio monitors and mastering loudspeakers in Germany for 20 years. All development work is carried out “in house” in order to provide a flexible response to the wishes of our customers. In addition, we offer comprehensive support in the planning and realisation of the listening situation around our monitors including acoustic measurements on site.
Not only the development but also the entire construction and quality control take place in our production centre in Saarbrucken/Germany. In our loudspeakers we install mainly chassis that have been developed for and with us in cooperation with different manufacturers. Hence, for example, the coaxial chassis of the C-Line and D-Line have been developed especially for the requirements of the near field and for 3D audio applications. Our own developed and patented FIRTEC technology permits a ‘correctly timed’, linear phase reproduction, a prerequisite to placing the instruments cleanly in the panorama. The KSdigital developed NeXT technology of the Linemaster offers maximum control in the largest areas thereby forming an interface to the listener at home. Many new KSdigital developments offer solutions to control room acoustics, which so far have only functioned with compromises at best.

Production under our own roof allows complete control over all the processes and is the prerequisite for a perfect product. Only in this way is it possible to fulfil our own high standards in precision, accuracy and consistency in the production process. The active electronics components used in the amplifier are from our own development and production, as well as the algorithms and the design of the digital signal processor.

KSdigital stands for the highest performance in sound and precision in every product class. 

“When you hear the actual recording. I listened to Alesis, KRK, Mackie, Yamaha NS 10.... We visited this guy
who had a pair of KRK monitors... he did a good job as far as he knew. We brought a pair of KS ADM2 (now
ADM 20) to him.....I heard a distortion on a female track that he missed on his KRK’s ....we left him with the
speakers overnight... he stayed up all night listened to every piece of recording material... he worked for Digi
Design ( Pro Tools)... he always figured that he could correct any mistakes that he made in the recording by
using their software..... he said he realized for the first time in his life, that you can not correct a recording with
software and that he had heard distortions and defects in his recordings that he had no idea even existed.”
Mark Freedman Sarrasota, FL. USA

„What I heard blew me away like a hurricane. The ADM20 represents a paradigm shift for studio reference
monitors. ...They are articulate yet sweet, clear yet warm, detailed yet nonfatiguing. Bottom line: The ADM20
sounds absolutel amazing.“
Michael Cooper, Mix Magazine, Review ADM20

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Firmenporträt KSdigital Who is Who - Fidelity

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Firmenporträt KSdigital HS24

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Firmenporträt KSdigital Professional Audio

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Firmenporträt VDT-Tonmeisterinformationen

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